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Branding Services in Auburn, NY

An effective brand communicates not only your offerings but also your values, culture and the overall image of your company or organization. Branding takes your idea of who you are and conveys that to your audience. The team at A&M Graphics doesn't just aspire to design your logo or apply it to your vehicle wrap. We savor building brands from the beginning, whether it is a brand new start-up, or an established company looking for a fresh image. Let's get together today and discuss taking your brand to the next level!

case study


Scott and Michelle moved back to Auburn with the dream of opening a small batch brewery and pub distinct from the several others that already call Cayuga county home. They were ready to start writing their next chapter. A&M worked very closely with Scott and Michelle to develop a brand for one of the most important steps of their life. Over several meetings, site visits, phone calls, and e-mails we gathered and absorbed all of their ideas. We endeavored to visualize the space they were building from scratch, which now has the vibe of a prohibition speakeasy, featuring tufted leather couches near a cozy fireplace, black ceiling tiles with silver laurel wreaths, a live edge wooden bar with a footrest constructed from an old Finger Lakes train track, and a classy, yet comfortable atmosphere. It was our job to develop the proper image to represent what would turn out to be such a great space. The result was a warm and inviting brand, completely unique from the rest of the industry. View the gallery above to see a sampling of how we deployed their dynamic brand across several products and media after it was established!