We take your image personally. It’s our job to handcraft something amazing to visually represent you and your brand.

Fact Finding

We want to get to know you! Come in and sit down with our talented design staff so we can get a personal feel for exaclty what you are looking for. Bring any ideas you have and leave the rest to us. We will ask questions and take some notes over a cup of coffee! Not local? No problem! We can arrange a meeting over the phone, via Skype, or E-Mail. Whichever you prefer.

Initial Design
and Proofing

At our fact finding meeting, we will set project deadlines for your initial artwork proof as well as an in-hands date for your finished product. An initial proof will be e-mailed to you, view it when and how you like. After that, another meeting can be scheduled or you can send us your feedback however else you choose.

Revise and

Our team usually 'knocks it out of the park' the first time, but if we don't we will work with you until your design is absolutely perfect! Provide us with additional ideas and feedback and we will tweak any details; small or large! Our team has designed some great logos for companies both big and small. We are excited to get to work on yours next!

Storage and

Once your logo design is complete, we can provide you with any files you may need. We also save your logo file forever! Your logo is backed up on-site in our server, as well as stored securely on the Cloud. Rest assured knowing you will never have to scramble for a disc or to find files.


A&M uses a wide variety of products and services to effectively brand and market your company to a broader audience. Whether you are a new business, launching a new product, or an established company looking to get more attention, we can help you achieve your strategic branding and marketing goals.


Branding - a strategy that creates an image for you, your business or your product to control how it perceived by the public and establish a market presence that distinguishes you from your competition. When someone is in need of your industry’s products or services, are they going to think of you or your competitor? A successful brand resonates with existing and potential customers when they are in need. A
successful brand attracts clients and portrays who you are, what you do and what your core values are. Your brand is you as a whole consisting of your logo, image, and client experience.

Logo A symbol or design that solely identifies something specific, like your company.

Marketing - A form of communication used to build awareness in a product or service in a more specialized way. Forms of marketing include e-mail, social media, mailers and billboards.

Image - An overall perception in the eye of the public, comprised of all of these elements.